Follow these 4 steps to get your iPad Kiosk Ready.  ONLY necessary if you are using an iPad NOT owned by SurveyStance. For iPads owned by SurveyStance, these features are built in automatically.

1. Disable iPad Sleep Mode

Prevent the iPad from entering 'Sleep Mode', this is important to ensure the Kiosk is always on and available for feedback.

  • Settings -> Display Brightness -> Auto-Lock=Never

2. Disable Multitasking & Control Center

Prevent users from accessing shortcut menus and other apps.

  • Settings -> General -> Multitasking & Dock -> Turn OFF ALL Options
  • OFF - Allow Multiple Apps, Persistent Video Overlay, Gestures, Show Suggested and Recent App

  • Settings -> Control Center -> Turn OFF 'Access Within Apps'

3. Disable Sounds

Best practice is to disable sounds for using iPad as a Kiosk.

  • Settings -> Sounds -> Slide Volume to Far Left (OFF)

4. Guided Access Setup

Enabling guided access mode on the iPad is important so others are not able to exit out of the app while the iPad is in Kiosk Mode capturing feedback.

  • Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Guided Access -> Enable: Guided Access, Accessibility Shortcut & Mirror Display Auto-Lock.
    • Now the guided access is enabled, next open the SurveyStance app and launch a survey.
    • Once the app is displaying the survey in Kiosk Mode press the ‘Home Button’ on the app 3 times and click Start.
    • To learn more, here is a Step by Step Video.