Locate Survey

  • Go to OneClick Survey within the sidebar navigation
  • Click 'Surveys'
  • Locate the survey you wish to embed
  • Click 'Survey Link'

Available Options to Embed Survey

There are 5 ways to embed your survey into your email, website, etc:

1. Embed Email Signature - Simply copy the survey questions and emojis directly from this page and paste them directly within your email signature. No HTML required.

2. Survey Link - This is the more traditional survey link that can be used to send to users. The user would click the link to start the survey.

3. HTML - This option will display the raw HTML for your survey. You can copy/paste this code within any format that accepts HTML to display your survey.

4. Individual Links - This option will display the individual links behind each of the different emoji ratings. This is only used for unique cases.

5. QR Code - This option will allow you to create a QR Code that your user can scan with their mobile phone, the QR Code will direct them to the survey (similar to the link in option 2).