Equipment Requirements:

Survey Kiosk runs on iPad devices only

iPad 6th Generation is the minimum recommended iPad hardware version

*Some older iPads are not able to operate on the latest iOS version which is why the hardware requirement is noted.

Software Requirements:

iOS 12+ is the minimum required iPad iOS that is recommended

Secure iPad Kiosk Stands:

There are many options when selecting an iPad Kiosk enclosure. Floor Stands & Wall Mounted Enclosures are the most popular. Be sure to match the stand size with the iPad you intended to use.

Charging Cables:

We recommend using all Apple branded cables and chargers. We suggest the 2 Meter Charging Cable which will allow you to hide the cable for a clean look.

Infrastructure Requirements:

Power - iPads must be connected to power for continuous power. It's possible to place the iPad Kiosk in places without power and run off the batter for a limited time.

WiFi - Some iPad have built in 3G/4G cellular data, if this is your case then you do not need to connect to local WiFi unless it's preferred or there is weak cellular service. If the iPad does not have built in cellular then WiFi connection is necessary. Be sure the WiFi connection allows for devices to be continuously connected. If for whatever reason the iPad loses connection, any survey rates will be stored on the local iPad and synced to the web portal once an active connection is detected.