SurveyStance has released the beta version of the Microsoft Outlook Add-In which allows you to capture the recipient of the user who shares feedback via your email signature survey.

The Outlook Add-In works by finding a tag within the URL of the survey links and replaces this tag with the recipient's email address. This way, when the recipient clicks the emoji link within the feedback survey, we can associate their email address with that rating.

Installing the Outlook Add-In

Click on My add-ins on the left navigation bar.

Scroll down to Custom Addins and select Add a Custom Add-In. Then select 'Add from URL'

Enter the url below and click OK and Install.

Using the SurveyStance Outlook Add-In

Copy/Paste your email signature survey into your signature.

NOTE: Be sure your survey landing page is configured to allow you to capture the user email address as displayed below.

This will append the following to each of the emoji links /?user_email={user_email}. This is what the Outlook Add-In will use to add the recipient's email address to the url.


In some cases outlook will encode the curly braces into %7b and %7d within the url. If this happens you will need to open the SurveyStance Outlook Plugin and change the tag to:


Testing the Add-In

To test to make sure the add-in is working properly, simply start to compose a new email in outlook, enter an email address within the TO: field and then click an emoji (the excellent happy emoji obviously) within your signature and check the url to see if you can see the email address of that recipient.

Need Help?

If you need any support getting setup, feel free to reach out and schedule some time with our team who can help walk you through this setup.