iPad is off and won't turn on
-Check to ensure iPad is plugged into power outlet. Occasionally the iPad can get unplugged from the wall power resulting the iPad to run out of battery.
-If iPad is plugged in try to power on the iPad by pressing the power button located on the top of the iPad (see image below).

iPad is on but not connected to WiFi

Occasionally WiFi networks will change and the iPad may lose connectivity. Follow the below steps to ensure there is an active WiFi connection.

From the iPad Home screen, select Settings.

From the left navigation menu, tap Wi-Fi.

Note: If Wi-Fi is OFF, tap OFF to turn it ON.

Check to ensure there is an active WiFi connection.

You can also check for the WiFi icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

iPad is on and the SurveyStance app is displaying the survey, but rates are not coming through

This is most likely a result of a WiFi connectivity issue. Please exit the survey and check the WiFi connection (see above steps to check WiFi).

*If the above steps do not resolve your issue the final steps we recommend is to ensure the latest version of the SurveyStance app is installed on your iPad.

To ensure the latest app version is installed:

-If the iPad is not owned by SurveyStance then we recommend deleting the SurveyStance app completely and downloading the latest version from the Apple iPad App Store (search SurveyStance Pro).

-If the iPad is a SurveyStance iPad, please reach out to us and request the latest version update. We will perform this update for you remotely.